CNA: Holy See currently refraining from mediation in Venezuelan violence

Andrea Gagliarducci | Catholic News Agency (United States) Vatican City, Apr 2, 2014 / 01:53 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The Holy See press officer Fr. Federico Lombardi explained Tuesday that the …Continue reading »

NPR: Can A Television Network Be A Church? The IRS Says Yes

John Burnett | National Public Radio (United States) Flip on Daystar television at any hour of the day and you’ll likely see the elements of modern televangelism: a stylish set, an emotional …Continue reading »

El Comercio: Dios, Cipriani y el diablo, por Enrique Pasquel

Enrique Pasquel | El Comercio (Perú) El cardenal Juan Luis Cipriani ha propuesto realizar un referéndum para que el pueblo decida si las parejas del mismo sexo deben ser legalmente protegidas bajo …Continue reading »

Globe and Mail: PQ vows to use Charter protection for religious ban

RHÉAL SÉGUIN AND DANIEL LEBLANC | The Globe and Mail (Canada) The Parti Québécois has vowed for the first time to use the notwithstanding clause to protect its secular charter from legal …Continue reading »

La República: Yo sé cuidar tu cuerpo

Jorge Bruce | La Republica El cardenal Cipriani insiste en entrometerse en asuntos de Estado y personales, para los que no tiene jurisdicción. Ahora propone un referéndum para la unión …Continue reading »

Diario Correo: Cardenal Cipriani propone referéndum para el aborto terapéutico y la unión civil homosexual

Diario Correo (Perú) La realización de un referéndum en el país para decidir sobre la aprobación del aborto terapéutico y la unión civil entre personas del mismo sexo, planteó hoy …Continue reading »

Al Jazeera: Do Corporations Have Religious Beliefs?

David Cay Johnston | Al Jazeera (United States) The Supreme Court appears to be on the verge of opening a Pandora’s box, spilling forth all sorts of travails by inventing …Continue reading »

Salon: Hobby Lobby’s secret agenda: How it’s quietly funding a vast right-wing movement

Eli Clifton | Salon (United States) Hobby Lobby says it’s just trying to protect its religious freedom. The family-founded and -run company is closed on Sundays, has an employee manual …Continue reading »

Distinguished Lecture by Manuel A Vásquez: Pneumatic Religions in the Americas: Toward a Transnational, Post-Colonial Phenomenology of the Spirit

March 27, 2014 Hemispheric Institute of Performance & Politics New York, USA video platform video management video solutionsvideo player Professor Vásquez examines the explosive diversification and expansion of “pneumatic” religions …Continue reading »

SCOTUS Blog: Argument recap: One hearing, two dramas

Lyle Denniston | SCOTUS Blog (United States) The Supreme Court, in a one-hour, twenty-eight minute session Tuesday, staged something like a two-act play on a revolving stage: first the liberals …Continue reading »

NY Times: Ruling Could Have Reach Beyond Issue of Contraception

Adam Liptak | The New York Times (United States) WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Tuesday will hear arguments in a case that pits religious liberty against women’s rights. That …Continue reading »