Difference, Democracy, and the Feeling of Fairness: Some Observations on the Cordoba House ControversyDiferencia, Democracia, y Sentimientos de Justicia: Algunas Observaciones sobre la Controversia de la Casa CórdobaDiferença, Democracia e o Sentimento de Justiça: Algumas observações sobre a controvérsia da Casa Córdoba

Ann Pellegrini | Associate Professor of Performance Studies and Religion at New York University In The Citizen Machine: Governing by Television in 1950s America, Anna McCarthy analyzes the emergence of …Continue reading »

SNL: Gay Weddings at Ground Zero MosqueSNL: Bodas gays en la Mezquita Zona CeroSNL: Casamentos Gay na Mesquita do Marco Zero

Ann Pellegrini’s TV Watch In August 2010, Judge Vaughn Walker held that California’s Proposition 8, the statewide ballot measure that had nullified same-sex marriage in that state, violated the 14th …Continue reading »

The “Ground Zero Mosque” Controversy and “Post-Race” RacismLa Controversia de la Zona Cero y el racismo “post-raza”A controvérsia sobre a “Mesquita do Marco Zero” e o racismo “pós-racial”

Evelyn Alsultany | Assistant Professor, Program in American Culture at the University of Michigan The so-called “ground zero mosque controversy” is not an isolated event. It is one of many …Continue reading »

Rethinking “Islamic”—Notes on Religious Pluralism in the PresentRepensando “lo islámico”—Notas sobre el pluralismo religioso en el presente. Repensando “islâmico” — Considerações sobre o Pluralismo Religioso na Atualidade

Jeremy F. Walton | Assistant Professor and Faculty Fellow, Religious Studies Program, New York University Recent months have demonstrated, in vivid and frustrating fashion, what Islam can and cannot mean …Continue reading »