Flashpoints / Tema del día

Flashpoints are curated collections of opinion pieces centered around contemporary debates on religion and policy in the Americas. In the creation of each Flashpoint,we invite distinguished scholars and activists from across the Americas to contribute short opinion essays that draw on their particular expertise as well as their national, geographic, disciplinary, or personal context.

Tema del día reúne colecciones curadas de artículos de opinión en torno a debates contemporáneos sobre religión y política en las Américas. Para cada Tema del día, invitamos a investigadoras/es y activistas distinguid@s a que contribuyan breves ensayos de opinión en base a su área de especialización particular y su contexto nacional, geográfico, disciplinario o personal.

KFranke_WyomingJackrabbit_190x190Religious Freedom v. Equal Rights? | April 2014

 “Religious Freedom ‘versus’ Equal Rights”  considers the tensions—real and alleged—between religious freedom and social equality. Contributors include: Lori G. Beaman (University of Ottawa), Benjamin Berger (York University), Katherine Franke (Columbia Law School), Marco Huaco (Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos), Julieta Lemaitre (Universidade de los Andes Law School), Pam Spees (Center for Constitutional Rights), Nelson Tebbe (Brooklyn Law School), Louise Melling (ACLU), Ann Pellegrini (New York University), Juan Marco Vaggione (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba), and Reverend Winnie Varghese (St. Mark’s Church on the Bowery).

Pablo LobatoPope Francisco | July 2013

This Flashpoint features essays by Daniel Jones (CONICET, Universidad de Buenos Aires) and Rossana Reguillo (Sistema Nacional de Investigadores, Mexico) that reflect on the significance of the Vatican’s selection of Pope Francisco. What does the election of Jorge Bergoglio as Pope mean for the sexual and reproductive rights agenda in Latin America? How might this choice reflect the Conclave’s strategies to confront the current crises and controversies of the Catholic Church?

Aldaz_190pxMexican Presidential Elections | June 2012

 This Flashpoint examines the involvement of religious actors and institutions—both directly and indirectly—in the 2012 Mexican Presidential Elections. Contributors report on shifting relationships of political parties and their candidates with the Catholic hierarchy, particularly evident through the issues of public education, sexual rights, and  religious freedom. Authors include Evelyn Aldaz & María Consuelo Mejía (Catholics for the Right to Decide), Omar Feliciano (Information Group on Reproductive Choice), and Gabriela Rodríguez (AFLUENTES).

Marriage Equality | April 2011

The Flashpoint on Marriage Equality focuses on specific national debates over same-sex marriage and how such debates connect to the management, structure, and tensions of the secular state as it variously grapples with claims for rights and recognition. Authors include Rebecca Alpert (Temple University), Lori Beaman (University of Ottawa), Rafael de la Dehesa (College of Staten Island/City University of New York), Ann Pellegrini (New York University), and Juan Vaggione (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina). This Flashpoint also includes a video commentary from activist and radio host Troy Williams (KRCL 90.9 FM in Salt Lake City, Utah).

The Ground Zero Mosque ControversyThe Ground Zero Mosque Controversy | November 2010

This Flashpoint investigates the ongoing controversy over the so-called “Ground Zero mosque” and the issues it raises regarding religion, national belonging, and race in the United States and beyond. Authors include Evelyn Alsultany (University of Michigan), Jeremy F. Walton (New York University),  and Ann Pellegrini (New York University).