Ottawa Citizen: Dion suggests end is nigh for office of religious freedom

Lee Berthiaume | Ottawa Citizen (Canada) Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion has given his strongest indication yet that the writing is on the wall for Canada’s Office of Religious Freedom. Speaking …Continue reading »

RNS: Muslim woman can wear niqab for Canada citizenship oath

Ron Csillag | Religion News Services (Canada) TORONTO (RNS) A Canadian court has cleared the way for a Muslim woman to wear her face veil, or niqab, while taking the …Continue reading »

Leader-Post: Fingas: Leveraging bigotry for quick political gains

Greg Fingas | The Leader-Post (Canada) A small number of Canadian women wear a niqab, a veil that covers the face except for the eyes in keeping with the Muslim …Continue reading »

Calgary Herald: Opinion: The hypocrisy of Canada’s anti-blasphemy law

Derek James From | Calgary Herald (Canada) It’s been 10 years since the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published the now notorious cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. The cartoons were republished by …Continue reading »

CBC: Canadians of all stripes oppose face coverings at citizenship ceremonies: Vote Compass

CBC News (Canada) Canadians right across the political spectrum are opposed to immigrants being allowed to wear facial coverings during the citizenship ceremony, according to the latest results from Vote …Continue reading »

CBC: Niqab ban at citizenship ceremonies unlawful, as Ottawa loses appeal

CBC News (Canada) The federal government has lost its appeal of a lower court ruling that struck down a ban on wearing niqabs at citizenship ceremonies. Three justices on the …Continue reading »

The Tyee: Stephen Harper’s Covert Evangelicalism

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Now Toronto: Losing our religion on sex ed

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Globe and Mail: Religious groups make leaps of faith to support Syrian refugees

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Globe and Mail: The tricky religious debate over assisted death

LORNA DUECK | The Globe and Mail (Canada) A most polarizing issue needing political leadership has yet to make the election campaign trail, but recently Canada’s doctors reminded us that …Continue reading »

CBC: Council to smite religion from city hall in light of Supreme Court ruling

Laura Osman | CBC News (Canada) God is dead, at least within the confines of City Hall. Despite a final plea from interfaith leaders, Mayor Don Iveson said council’s executive …Continue reading »