7 días: Codue insiste evangélicos boicotearán candidatos pro aborto y pro gay

Juan Enrique Taváres | 7 días (República Dominicana) SANTO DOMINGO (Rep. Dominicana).-El presidente del Consejo Dominicano de Unidad Evangélica (Codue), Fidel Lorenzo Merán, reiteró hoy que la iglesia asumirá “su …Continue reading »

Leader-Post: Fingas: Leveraging bigotry for quick political gains

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Boston Globe: GOP field split on LGBT nondiscrimination acts

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CBC: Canadians of all stripes oppose face coverings at citizenship ceremonies: Vote Compass

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NBC News: Analysis: Ben Carson, the Constitution and a Muslim President

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Iowa State Daily: Republicans try to win over religious conservatives in Des Moines

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CBC: Niqab ban at citizenship ceremonies unlawful, as Ottawa loses appeal

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The Tyee: Stephen Harper’s Covert Evangelicalism

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La Prensa: Zafarrancho en elección de delegados para junta nominadora de sociedad civil

La Prensa (Honduras) En medio de un turbulento proceso, la sociedad civil eligió ayer a sus representantes a la Junta Nominadora que seleccionará a los aspirantes de la nueva Corte …Continue reading »

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