RNS: Muslim woman can wear niqab for Canada citizenship oath

Ron Csillag | Religion News Services (Canada) TORONTO (RNS) A Canadian court has cleared the way for a Muslim woman to wear her face veil, or niqab, while taking the …Continue reading »

Calgary Herald: Opinion: The hypocrisy of Canada’s anti-blasphemy law

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The Atlantic: America’s Autumn of Islamophobia

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CBC: Canadians of all stripes oppose face coverings at citizenship ceremonies: Vote Compass

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NBC News: Analysis: Ben Carson, the Constitution and a Muslim President

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CBC: Niqab ban at citizenship ceremonies unlawful, as Ottawa loses appeal

CBC News (Canada) The federal government has lost its appeal of a lower court ruling that struck down a ban on wearing niqabs at citizenship ceremonies. Three justices on the …Continue reading »

Globe and Mail: Religious groups make leaps of faith to support Syrian refugees

Affan Chowdhry | The Globe and Mail (Canada) A grassroots response to the Syrian refugee crisis is growing in communities across Canada, combining the refugee sponsorship know-how of churches with …Continue reading »

Religion & Politics: New Clash over Religion in Schools: Communities Face Backlash for Lessons on Islam

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Economist: Crosses, turbans and maple leaves

P.F. AND ERASMUS | The Economist (Canada) Compared with their southern neighbours, Canadians are quite wary of mixing religion and politics. Admittedly, Stephen Harper is probably the nearest thing that …Continue reading »

Blue Nation Review: Conservatives Love Reminding Gay People That ISIS Is Murdering Them

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The Hill: A civil rights vision for countering violent extremism

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