Carmelita Tropicana: Leche de Amnesia

enc01_carmelita_lgPhoto/ Foto: Lorie Novak

Leche de Amnesia

Proust ate a Madeleine cookie and his childhood memories came rushing back; Carmelita ate a pork sandwich and she fell into a CUMMA – a collective unconscious memory appropriation attack. "Milk of Amnesia" blends the persona of Carmelita with the more personal voice of her creator, who describes the hardships of growing up a transplanted child: “I was born on an island. I came here when I was seven. I didn’t like it here at first. I had to change, acquire a taste for peanut butter and jelly. It was hard. I liked tuna fish and jelly...”


Alina Troyano (aka Carmelita Tropicana) is an Obie Award winning artist and known as one of the most colorful and electrifying the world. She was named by El Diario / La Prensa as "one of the most outstanding women of 1998." Her book, "Carmelita Tropicana Performing Between Cultures", is a compilation of works, histories, and movie scripts written in collaboration with Ella Troyano and Uzi Parnes (Beacon Press, 2000). His screenplay, "Carmelita Tropicana: Your Kunst is Your Waffen" also co-written with Ella Troyano, won best short film at the Berlin Film Festival. Her one-woman show "Milk of Amnesia" appeared in The Drama Review, and in the award-winning anthology, "Oh Solo Homo". She is currently working on the definitice story of Elian González.

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