Work Groups

Work groups emerged as our alternative to traditional academic panels, providing a critical space for extended research collaboration and other modes of interdisciplinary exploration of shared areas of inquiry. Work groups may involve scholars, artists, and activists. Some groups may address interests specific to one of these constituencies; others explore dialogue and collaboration across them. Limited to no more than 20 participants, work groups meet several times during the Encuentro. The format is tailored to the specific aims of each group, and may include sharing essays, producing collective work, creating performance, or some combination of these.

Participation in work groups* is by application only (deadline November 11, 2015).

Click on the name of each work group to see work group descriptions, convener bios, and for the specific application requirements for each group. *Please note we have added some new work groups.

  1. Artist as Repertoire: Unceded Imaginaries

    Conveners: Roewan Crowe, Doris Difarnecio, and Javier Serna

  2. Artistic Action, Political Will and Shaping Collective: Possibilities of a Relationship

    Conveners: Ana Harcha and Núcleo Arte

  3. Body and Experience in Research: Approaches to Racism, Memory, and Punishment

    Conveners: María Emilia Tijoux and Constanza Ambiado

  4. Body, Silence and Time: Exploring the Rupture

    Conveners: Daniela Marini, José Miguel Candela, and Amílcar Borges

  5. The Body Territory and the Territory as Body: Communitarian Feminism and Indigenous Sovereignty

    Conveners: Julieta Paredes Carvajal, Skawennati, Jeneen Frei Njootli, Dylan Miner, Rodrigo Hernández Gómez, and Dot Tuer

  6. Direct Action Art /Visual Poetics

    Paola Hernández, and Jorge Hernández

  7. Dissident Bodies: Activism Beyond Citizenship and State

    Conveners: Peter Kulchyski, Smaro Kaboureli, and Praba Pilar

  8. Ex-cess: Aesthetics and Economics of Festive Performances in the Americas

    Conveners: Milla C. Riggio, Rachel Bowditch, Zeca Ligiéro, and Paolo Vignolo

  9. Hemispheric Blackness: Afro-Diasporic Politics and Performance Across the Americas

    Conveners: E. Patrick Johnson, Ramón H. Rivera-Servera

  10. Historical Impossibilities “Werk” Group

    Conveners: Martin Bowen, Debra Levine, Nikolai Kozak, and Zeb Tortorici

  11. [Note: This work group was canceled] Inter-X-Change: Ex-centric Performatives in the Americas

    Conveners: Tamara Underiner and Stephani Etheridge Woodson

  12. Interrupted Powers: Imagination and Place from the Margins

    Conveners: Rossana Reguillo and Alina Peña-Iguarán

  13. Inverting and Perverting Futures

    Conveners: Macarena Gómez-Barris, Carolina Caycedo, and Maria-Amelia Viteri

  14. Mirar de reojo: Sidelong Glances Among American Subjects

    Conveners: Esther Gabara, Fernando J. Rosenberg, and Camilo Trumper

  15. Mobilizing Memory

    Conveners: Diana Taylor and Marianne Hirsch

  16. Performance Practice as Research

    Conveners: Christine Greiner and Pablo Assumpção Costa

  17. Performing Asian/Americas: Converging Movements

    Conveners: Ana Paulina Lee, Beatrice Glow, Alexandra Chang, and Anna Kazumi Stahl

  18. Performing Disability / Enabling Performance

    Conveners: Arseli Dokumacı, Kim Sawchuk, and Yvonne Schmidt

  19. Politics and Aesthetics of Insistence

    Conveners: César Barros, Ángeles Donoso Macaya, Kaitlin M. Murphy, and Alejandra Prieto

  20. Sexualidades Excéntricas: Performance at the Edge

    Conveners: Felipe Rivas San Martín, Jack Halberstam, Jorge Díaz, and Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes

  21. Work/Chop/Group: Urban Observation and/or/versus/plus/with Urban Action

    Conveners: Pedro Bennaton and Fabio Salvatti