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Heavy Nopal (1990)

Heavy Nopal (Ode to Lucha Reyes) 1990. Through the recuperation of the figure, style, and music of Mexican singer Lucha Reyes, Hadad explores the construction of Mexican identity, of "lo Mexicano." She traces the inscription of social norms and official discourses on the body, particularly women's. Humor makes palatable her biting criticism of political and religious institutions, as well as of women who participate in their own victimization. In Heavy Nopal we see ironic references to images of la soldadera of the Mexican Revolution, the humble Indian woman of Diego Rivera's paintings, the folkloric China Poblana, and the Virgin of Guadalupe. A very successful show, Hadad has performed different versions of Heavy Nopal throughout Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, Germany, the U.S., Australia and Belgium.