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La multimamada (1996)

(The Multi-Breasted Woman or the Mass Suckle)

The show and costume of La multimamada suggest mass suckle or mass stupidity. Inspired by Isis, the goddess of nourishment, Hadad translates the concept into a skirt covered with foam rubber life-sized breasts with pronounced dark nipples. Dangling from several of the breasts are miniature caricatures of Mexican "types," the social position of each marked by his clothing: a politician or business man, a blue-collar worker. Hanging from the breasts, their macho egos are deflated and they characterized as wimpy. They become the stereotypical macho who, in spite of his bravado, is unable to wean himself off his mother's breast. Also caught in the entanglement of meanings is Mexicans' relationship to their Mother/Motherland.