Rasanblaj, n. assembly, compilation, enlisting, regrouping (of ideas, things, people, spirits). This is an emisférica double issue.

Resist the impulse to translate, pronounce it first. Think consciously of the sound. Let the arch of the r roll over the ah that automatically depresses the tongue; allow the hiss in the s that will culminate at the front of the teeth to entice the jaw to drop for the an sound while un-smacking the lips will propel the bl surrounding the depressed ah again ending with j. Play with its contours. Know what this word feels like in your mouth. In Haitian Kreyòl. 3 syllables. Ra-San-Blaj.

Gina Athena Ulysse

Jill Lane

Marcial Godoy-Anativia

Kerry Whigham

Laura Blüer

Victor Bautista

Harry Buckoke

Isabel Gil Everaert

David Preciado

Denise Rogers Valenzuela

Sérgio Andrade

Margaret Carson

Carlos Felipe Olivares

Johny Fontaine

Wynnie Lamour (Creole Institute)

Marie-Jose NZengou Tayo

Fabio Salvatti

Emmanuel Taub

Évelyne Trouillot

Gina Athena Ulysse

Miguel Winograd

Sibylle Fischer, Yanique Hume, Jacqui Alexander, Mimi Sheller, Sinclair Thomson, Carolyn Cooper, Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes, Antonio José Ponte, Edwidge Danticat, Rosamond S. King, A’Keitha Carey, Mario LaMothe, Emilia María Durán-Almarza, Carlos Ulises Decena, A. TEBA, Roewan Crowe and Alex Wilson, Josefina Baez, Misty De Berry, Sally Price, Charles Campbell and Nicole Smythe-Johnson, Hamlet Lavastida, Elizabeth Chin, Arnaldo M. Cruz-Malavé, Jerry Philogene, Carlos Martiel, Blesi Doub, Jeannette Ehlers, Nathan H. Dize, Rashida Z. Shaw, Isabel Gil Everaert, Cynthia Pech, Alessandra Benedicty, Arnaldo Cruz-Malavé, Carole Boyce Davies, Manoucheka Celeste, Bryan Williams, Matthew Garrett, Katja Kolcio, Jorge Díaz, Kahlil Chaar-Pérez, Marc Hertzman, Rocío Pichon-Rivière, Luciana Scaraffuni, Angeletta Kim Marie Gourdine, Luis Carlos Rincón-Alba, Schallum Pierre, Kerry Whigham

Mary Beth Bruce, Dawn Piscitelli, Kyrah Malika Daniels, Marie-José N'Zengou-Tayo, Una Osato, Kate Rushin, Melissa Rosario, Haiti Illumination Project,

HemiPress New York City 2018 ISSN 1554-3706