Convener: Rossana Reguillo 


This group workshop will be focused on presenting and discussing experiences that articulate the relationship between the streets and the networks in the intense mobilizations that have recently taken place in different parts of the world, emphasizing the constructed relations and tensions between “clicktivism” (participation in digital networks) and bodies on the public square.

We are especially interested in discussing experiences that demonstrate the power and/or problems of activation and participation in the combination of virtual/physical presence and to interrogate the construction of new subjectivities, aesthetics, imaginaries, collective emotions, and techno-political skills derived from network use.

We plan to analyze combined performative experiences that prompt the intervention of the punitive, police arm of the state, and the response and empowerment of social movements.

How to re-think activism? Is the “manifesto” an action or teleological discourse that necessarily must pursue a particular end: taking power? Is the “manifesto” the expression of a party or a “fest” constituting what Raymond Williams denominates a “structure of feeling”?  How to understand the multiple social revolts on the streets and on the Net?

We want to generate a new space for discussion that will contribute to our understanding of new social demonstrations and their relation to performativity and politicization.


The group will function as a horizontal and collective workshop. We will present the general outlines and objectives of the subjects to debate. In each session, participants will present three to four different experiences and analyses that will serve to launch a discussion in which the group will collectively construct a conceptual, political, and empirical map of the elements that are, most profoundly and definitively, marking the horizon of insurgencies, dissent, and collective action. The group will thus construct a critical dictionary of the categories and concepts that arise as modes of understanding these combined activisms, and thereby produce a cartography of the nodes and knots of the fundamental debates, given the public discourse that results in the notion of a “Manifesto.”


The participants must upload: an abstract of their theme and a diagram of the concepts and categories through which they are researching, producing or intervening in macro or micropolitical social movements, in order to better organize our collective work a brief biography that shows their involvement and interest in the subject; three questions regarding the complexities of social movement and the difficulty in conceptualizing them; an image that applicants consider synthesizes the street-network relation to build an aesthetic map of the new social manifestos. Materials should be uploaded via the online application form before October 9th, 2013.

This working group will be limited to 15 participants.

Convener Biography:

Rossana Reguillo holds a doctorate in Social Sciences, with a specialization in Social Anthropology from the CIESAS. She is a researcher (Investigadora Nacional, SNI—Sistema Nacional de Investigadores—level III) and a member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences. She is a professor in the department of Sociocultural Studies at the ITESO. Her research interests include: youth and urban cultures; the social construction of fear and the politics of affect (the emotions); as well as the cultural dimensions of narco-traffic and violence. Her published books include: Horizontes Fragmentados (Fragmented Horizons), Comunicación, cultura, pospolítica (Communication, Culture, Postpolitics), El (des)orden global y sus figuras (Global (Dis)Order and its Figures); her most recent book is Los jovenes en México (The Youth in Mexico, ed). A visiting professor at New York University, she has held the Andrés Bello Chair in Latin American Culture and Civilization (fall 2011).

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