Forging spaces of critical practice and creative inquiry that enliven struggles for justice in the Americas.



The Hemispheric Institute gathers artists, scholars, writers, learners, and activists from across the Americas. We focus on social justice and research politically engaged culture and performance. We share this work in digital archives and amplify it through dialogues and public scholarship, residencies, publications, and gatherings. Our dynamic, multilingual network crosses disciplines and borders, and is grounded in the fundamental belief that artistic practice and critical reflection can spark lasting cultural change.



Hemi came into existence 20 years ago with an innovative vision: to bring together scholars, artists, and activists from throughout the Americas to think and create collaboratively across borders, languages, and disciplines. Founded by NYU Professor Diana Taylor with colleagues from Brazil, Mexico, and Peru, Hemi forged diverse spaces for dialogue, creativity, and exchange—from face-to-face gatherings, workshops, and forums, to online team-taught courses, digital archives, and publications.


Core Projects

Through face-to-face gatherings like Encuentros, courses, artist programs, and lecture series, we connect diverse practitioners, develop innovative research methodologies and collaborative pedagogies to create new ways of knowing, teaching, and acting in the world. We also preserve performance practices and histories, making rare and valuable documentation available to a global audience.



Hemi has built an Americas-wide network that includes more than 45 member universities, dozens of collaborating cultural centers and social justice organizations, and thousands of individuals who participate in our programs.


Marcial Godoy-Anativia
Amanda Sommer Lotspike
Victor Bautista
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