In Residence

Residencies at the Hemispheric Institute have brought artists and scholars to the NYU academic community. Fellows have engaged the scholarly community as they develop new or ongoing projects. Support includes access to NYU Libraries, NYU workshops and collaborations, and connections to an Americas-wide, politically-focused network of artists, scholars, and activists. Artists are nominated by our network and selected for residencies spanning one semester to three years.

Beginning in 2020, as part of “World Making and Social Emergency at the Hemispheric Institute,” an initiative funded by the Mellon Foundation, the Institute has invited distinguished Mellon Fellows — researchers, musicians, artists, writers, and activists — to develop work around Blackness and Migration in the Americas to strengthen and expand the mission and archival work of the Institute.

These accomplished thinkers and makers create art, music, and performance. They conduct research, strengthen activism, and chronicle the hemisphere. Their work engages hemispheric communities, scholars, and learners, and we are honored to support them.