Beatrice Glow 2012 Emerging Artist Fellow


Beatrice Glow is a Taiwanese-American interdisciplinary artist who has realized projects in New York, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Chile. Much like an interpretive archaeologist, she traverses through frontiers, generations and even geological timescales to explore ancestry and migration. After earning her BFA at New York University’s Studio Art program, she became a US Fulbright Scholar to Perú (2008-2009) as a performance art grantee. In Peru, she embarked on a folk etymological journey into the history behind the countless ways to use the one word “chino” by retracing the migratory landmarks of Asian Diaspora in Peru. Along the road, she recorded oral history and documented the process by video, photography, drawings, and writing that was then presented as a Migratory Museum and a trilingual publication, “Taparaco Myth,” written in English, Chinese and Spanish. This project was shown in Universidad Nacional de San Marcos (PE), Universidad Católica de Peru, Centro Cultural El Eje (CO), Museo de Bellas Artes de la Universidad Nacional (CO) and Enlace Arte Contemporáneo (PE). During this interim, she also performed at the Chilean Performance Biennial DEFORMES 2008, and was an artist-in-residence at Fundación Telefónica mediaLAB (Lima) for video post-production. Returning to New York City in 2010, she was curated into John Zorn’s Obsessions Collective, and presented “Fresh Ruins ” (2011), a performance-installation at El Museo del Barrio’s Action Actual. She is currently (2012) developing cultural conservation projects related to Austronesian as well as Pre-colombian cultures.