Ebony Noelle Golden 2017—2018 Artist in Residence, 2019–2020 Partner Organization (BDAC)


Propelled by an unflinching pursuit of creative emancipation, cultural wellness, and social justice, Ebony Noelle Golden, native of Houston, Texas, and currently residing in the Bronx, serves as principal engagement strategist at Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative and artistic director of Body Ecology Womanist Performance Project. As a strategist, Golden consults, co-creates, designs, implements, and evaluates impact-driven projects and initiatives that push for social transformation. As an artist-scholar, Golden stages site-specific rituals + live art productions that profoundly explore the complexities of freedom in the time of now. In 2016, she developed a seminar course, served as a lecturer of Womanist and Black Feminist performance art at The New School, and co-edited an anthology of experimental womanist writing published by Obsidian Journal of Literature and Arts.

In 2017, Golden served as Artist-in-Residence at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics and Activist-in-Residence at the University of Oklahoma. During this time, Golden will develop 125th and Freedom, a performance art installation of ten choreopoetic rituals along 125th street between the Hudson and Harlem Rivers exploring home, migration, displacement, and the eradication of black space due to gentrification. Additionally, Golden will curate a performance panel exploring creative emancipation, one of the core aesthetic technologies guiding her current project.


Research Questions / Lines of Inquiry during Hemi Residency:

  • What does it mean to create a world for yourself into the unforeseeable future?
  • What can I and the rest of the world learn about climate justice from womanists and black feminists?
  • How can public performance create visionary interventions in support of community wellness and resilience?
  • How can we practice a black feminist and womanist politic in service of sustained ecologies of justice?
  • How can live in more harmony with the water on this planet?

Watch "The Homecoming: Joy. Ritual. Resistance." (2018)

Watch "Homecoming: A Creative Emancipation Mini-Festival" (2017)

Watch a Conversation between Ebony Noelle Golden and Marlène Ramírez-Cancio (2016)