Dancing with the Zapatistas brings together scholars, artists, journalists, and activists to respond to the continuing work of the Zapatistas, twenty years after their insurrection in 1994. Published by Duke University Press and available through Scalar, this multimedia digital book includes both written and photo essays, interviews, and spoken word and theatrical performances that offer insight into the programs, strategies, artistic practices, and celebrations of the Zapatistas. An exceptionally rich visual resource, it demonstrates how Mayan thought and an ongoing political commitment to resistance permeate the daily life of the Zapatistas—from the ways in which their languages configure collective identity, to how music affirms their conception of history. Dancing with the Zapatistas also considers how the Zapatistas work with those outside of their movement, while also tracing the ways in which they have profoundly influenced the practices of both activists and artists across the Americas. Content available in English.



What is Performance Studies? by Diana Taylor and Marcos Steuernagel

This multimedia digital book––published by Duke University Press and available through Scalar––asks 30 leading scholars from seven different countries throughout the Americas the same question: What is performance studies? Their answers are available here, recorded in video interviews and accompanied by short essays. The contents are transcribed, translated, and subtitled in three languages––offering a truly diverse perspective on performance studies that engages it from a variety of national, linguistic, and disciplinary locations. Diana Taylor and Marcos Steuernagel's written introduction provides both a history and an overview of the project, while four brief essays by Steuernagel, Taylor, Marcela A. Fuentes, and Tavia Nyong'o offer critical entry points to the interviews from different yet complementary perspectives. <em>What Is Performance Studies?</em> thus expands the genealogy of the field while opening new paths for thinking through, in, and with performance studies across the Americas. Content in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.



Estudios avanzados de performance by Diana Taylor and Marcela Fuentes

Estudios avanzados de performance reúne textos de 17 autores, traza varias trayectorias en el estudio del performance, no sólo en cuanto a prácticas artísticas sino a los múltiples ámbitos en que se da: política, deporte, religión, actos cívicos, y en cuanto a la teoría que se elabora a su alrededor. Por lo anterior, los ensayos reunidos en este volumen muestran las muchas dimensiones que todo artista y teórico baraja en su quehacer profesional. Además de la introducción general a cargo de Diana Taylor, cada ensayo se acompaña por una introducción específica escrita por Marcela Fuentes.


Stages of Conflict: A Critical Anthology of Latin American Theater and Performance, Diana Taylor and Sarah J. Townsend, Editors

Stages of Conflict is the first collection to trace the intersection of theater and social and political life in the Americas over the past five centuries. Selections range from a sixteenth-century native dance-drama and a nineteenth-century comedy about slavery to an avant-garde drama from the thirties that reflects the rise of fascism. More recent plays by writers such as Griselda Gambaro, Enrique Buenaventura, and Denise Stoklos address situations involving dictatorship, torture, and struggles for social justice. The volume is a must-read for anyone interested in the performance traditions of the Americas as a whole. Each performance text has been carefully translated into English and is accompanied by extensive critical commentary as well as bibliographies to aid further research.

Visit the web companion to Stages of Conflict: A Critical Anthology of Latin American Theater and Performance, edited by Diana Taylor & Sarah J. Townsend and published by University of Michigan Press. Content complementing the printed book will be added as the page develops, including original language scripts, photos & videos of performances, translators' commentaries, and teaching resources.


Body Politics: Políticas del cuerpo en la fotografía latinoamericana by Marcelo Brodsky and Julio Pantoja

Brodsky, Marcelo; Pantoja, Julio, eds. Body Politics: Políticas del cuerpo en la fotografía latinoamericana. Buenos Aires: La Marca Editora, 2009. 206 pages.