EmergeNYC 2013

We seek talented, committed and highly motivated emerging performers, activists, and artists whose work aims to be a vehicle for political expression, and who examine the broad range of identities, practices and histories of the Americas (the western hemisphere, thus “hemispheric”) through forms such as performance art, spoken word, urban interventions, satire, culture jamming, political cabaret, theater, creative activism, video performance, movement, and others. Drawing on the vitality of New York City as a hemispheric crossroads, the program will enable performers and activists to work with leading practitioners in the field, to take interdisciplinary leaps, and to develop their own strategies to use performance for social change.

EmergeNYC 2013 Cohort

  • Adriana Nordin Manan
  • Alex Rodabaugh
  • Aya Abdelaziz
  • Betty T. Kao
  • Giseli Vasconcelos
  • Guy Yedwab
  • Jennifer Celestin
  • Jessica (Jeca) Rodríguez
  • Kaila Paulino
  • Kamron Shahraray
  • Kibele Lo
  • Marta Jovanovic
  • Mette Lolou von Kohl
  • Monica Ellis
  • Rory Golden
  • Sabina Ibarrola
  • Sita Frederick
  • Zachary Wager Scholl