Patrícia Faolli is a interdisciplinary artist from São Paulo, Brazil. With a Brachelor's Degree in Comunicação das Artes do Corpo from PUC- SP (2009) she started her career in theater and later focused on performance art and dance using her body as the primary medium. Since 2008 with the "Ajuntamento MeninasJoão de Performance," she took part in several performances and urban interventions such as: On Sale, Mínimos Silêncios, Tinta Fresca, Lamentos Contidos em Busca de Catarse, Transparências, Ctrl + Z ou 220 Lâmpadas de 1watt. In 2010 Patricia moved to New York focusing her work and research even more in dance, urban intervention and videoart. Currently, she is a MFA candidate in Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA) at Brooklyn College. Patrícia's pieces are in constant dialogue with the city and its inhabitants evoking questions about human relations and behavior patterns in metropolitan areas, conjuring ghosts confined in concrete cracks.