Schedule of Events

The Program:

You will be working in a safe space for experimentation, so we encourage you take these months to make bold choices, to try things you’ve never tried before, to cross disciplinary boundaries, to take leaps—and if you fall flat on your face, get up and try again. The program is not necessarily about “success” (especially not “commercial” success), but about your creative process and growth as an artist activist ("artivist"?). Keep that in mind always. This is about you developing your voice, about exploring ways to strive for social change (however you define that) through your performance work.

The Requirements:

* The program requires active participation. Please let This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know in advance if you will miss a session.
* There will be a series of additional events outside of class/workshop time that will be required.
* Please bring a journal and a pen to every session.
* Dress in comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely.

The Performance Studies Studio ("The Studio," as referenced below) is located at the Department of Performance Studies Tisch School of the Arts (corner of Waverly) — Need to show ID at the door. Wheelchair accessible.

The La MaMa Rehearsal Space (for the intensive week) is located at 47 Great Jones Street, NYC (between Bowery and Lafayette). The building has a small elevator.

The Hemispheric Institute is located at 20 Cooper Square, 5th Floor (at 5th Street)—  Need to show ID at the door. Wheelchair accessible. 

Week by Week Schedule of Events (subject to change)

Session 1 • Saturday, March 29th Who We Are, Why We Are (Boal meets EMERGENYC) 10am-2pm: Workshop at the Studio, led by George*Hemi Staff will give a welcome at 10am

Session 2 • Saturday, April 5 Who Are Our Communities? 10am - 2pm: Workshop at the Studio, led by George

Session 3 • Saturday, April 12th—AT HEMI! 20 COOPER SQ 5TH FL RM 503 Activating Art-Making, Where Art and Communities Meet 10am-2pm: Workshop at Hemi,  led by George

Session 4 • Saturday, April 19th10am - 2pm: Workshop at the Studio, led by Paloma McGregor

Session 5 • Saturday, April 26th The Launch 10am - 2pm: Workshop at the Studio, led by George

INTENSIVE WEEK (May 3rd-May 11th):


Session 6 • Saturday, May 3rd—721 Broadway, PS STUDIO 10am-2pm: Kicking off intensive week: Workshop with | George3-4pm: Part 1 of workshop on street performance, with Ed Woodham (Art in Odd Places)
Session 7 • Sunday, May 4th —47 GREAT JONES (La MaMa rehearsal space)  10am-12pm: Workshop led by Kirya Traber (EMERGE '12) | 1pm-5pm: Workshop led by Dan Fishback

Session 8 • Monday, May 5th —47 GREAT JONES (La MaMa rehearsal space)10am-12pm: Workshop led by Ebony Noelle Golden | 1pm-5pm: Workshop led by Daniel Alexander Jones

Session 9 • Tuesday, May 6th —AT HEMI, 20 COOPER SQ, 5TH FL10am-12pm: Hemispheric Institute intro, led by Marlène Ramírez-Cancio | 1pm-4pm:  "What is Performance Studies?" A teach-in with NYU professor Tavia Nyong'o.

Session 10 • Wednesday, May 7th —47 GREAT JONES (La MaMa rehearsal space) 10am-12:30pm: Workshop by Jeca Rodríguez (EMERGE'13) | 1:30pm-5:30pm: Workshop by Patrícia Hoffbauer | 6:00pm: EMERGENYC past & present get together — AT SCRATCHER BAR, 209 E 5th Street (across the street from Hemi)

Session 11 • Thursday, May 8th —47 GREAT JONES (La MaMa rehearsal space) 10am-1pm: Workshop Part 2 by Ed Woodham (Art in Odd Places) | 2pm-4pm: Yes Lab introduction with Mary Notari (EMERGE '11)

Session 12 • Friday, May 9th at  2 different locations10am-1pm: Workshop part 1, at HEMI “Satire and Parody, or the Art of Flipping Things,” led by Fulana | 2pm-5pm: Fulana workshop part 2, at 47 GREAT JONES 

Session 13 • Saturday, May 10th 47 GREAT JONES (La MaMa rehearsal space) 10am-12pm: Workshop with The World Famous BOB | 1pm-5pm: Workshop with Jennifer Miller (Circus Amok)

Session 14 • Sunday, May 11th 47 GREAT JONES (La MaMa rehearsal space) 10am-5pm: Workshop by Susana Cook

{End of Intensive Week.}

Session 15• Saturday, May 17th 10am - 5pm: Workshop at the Studio, led by George

Session 16 • Sunday, May 18th at the StudioACT UP 10am -1pm: Workshop on the history of ACT UP (including screening of United in Anger) by Prof. Deb Levine. | 2pm-5pmDesign/Agit Prop workshop by Avram Finkelstein from ACT UP / Gran Fury.

Session 17 • Saturday, May 24th 10am - 2pm: Workshop at the Studio, led by George

Session 18 • Saturday, May 31st 10am - 2pm: Workshop at the Studio, led by George

PS Studio available for rehearsal on Sunday, June 1st

PERFORMANCE PRESENTATIONS • Monday, June 2nd at La Mama Club (74 East 4th St), 7pm (BY INVITATION ONLY)

Session 19 • Saturday, June 7th10am - 2pm: Workshop at the Studio, led by George

Session 20 • Saturday, June 14th10am - 2pm: Final workshop at the Studio, led by George