Raúl Romero is the coordinator and Professor of the master's program in Anthropology at Universidad Nacional Mayor at San Marcos. He is also the Executive Director of the Pontificia Católica del Perú's Centro de Etnomusicologia Andina (Center for Andean Ethnomusicology). He is the author of "Música, Danza and Máscara en los Andes (Music Dance and Mask in the Andes, Lima, 1993) and Debating the Past, Music, Memory and Identity in the Andes (New York, 2001).

Susana Baca is the foremost singer of Afro-Peruvian music. Her music, on Luaka Bop lable, has promoted an awareness of the many cultural contributions of African-Peruvians. Also to this aim, she and her husband Ricardo Pereira are the founders and co-directors of the Instituto Negrocontinuo in Lima.

Gage Averill is Professor of Music, Chair of the Music Department, and Coordinator of the Program in Ethnomusicology at New York University. He is author of A Day for the Hunter, A Day for the Prey: Popular Music and Power in Haiti (Chicago 1997) and Four Parts, No Waiting: A Social History of American Barbershop Harmony (Oxford, forthcoming). His research interests include Caribbean popular music, music and power, North American vernacular music, and public sector ethnomusicology.

Josh Kun is Assistant Professor of English at UC Riverside and an arts columnist for the San Francisco Bay Guardian and The Boston Phoenix. He is a 2000-2002 Sundance Writers Fellow whose writing has appeared in the popular press (SPIN, Rolling Stone, Village Voice, LA Weekly), scholarly journals (Theatre Journal, American Literary History, American Jewish History), and book anthologies (James Baldwin Now, Everynight Life, Dangerous Border Crossers). He is the host of two Latin music video and culture shows (The Red Zone on MTV-Espanol and Rokamole on KJLA) and is a resident DJ with the US-UK-Latin America nightclub La Leche. He is currently completing his first book for UC Press, Strangers Among Sounds: Listening, Difference, and the Music of America.