Iñigo Ramirez de Haro is an aeronautics engineer, diplomat and philologist. He is the programming director at Casa de America in Madrid. As an actor, his theatrical background began at the Centro de Estudios Teatrales de José Luis Gómez (José Luiz Gómez's Center of Theatrical Studies) in Madrid in 1978. He also attended courses at Estudio de Martin Adjemin as well as New York's Actor's Studio and seminars with Dominique de Facio, John Strasberg etc. He has worked on several theatrical and movie projects. He was awarded Best Actor for the film "Acosado" by Rafael Moleon. As a theater director, he started as an assistant director at Teatro Maria Guerrer, in Madrid, under the direction of Lluis Pascual and assistant director at Teatro Español under the management of Miguel Narros. He directed "La Buhardilla"at Bogota's T.P.B. Mr. Ramirez de Haro has directed productions and acted at Teatro Nacional de Bogota along with artists from Colombia, Argentina, and Spain. He has been a visiting professor at some universities.

Luis Peirano is the founder and dean of the School of Sciences and Arts of Communication and the coordinator of the master's program in Communication at Pontificia Católica del Perú (PUCP). A sociologist at PUCP, he completed his post-graduation course in Social Communication at the University of Southern Illinois and the University of Wisconsin, Madison. From his first year studying at the School of Languages and Literature and also at the Theater of Universidad Catolica (TUC), he has participated in numerous productions and audiovisual projects. He has been a professor and director at TUC and has taught at several colleges since 1969. Mr. Peirano has been a researcher and chair of the education field as well as the president for DESCO(Center for Studies and Promotion of Development) and has been an expert in education and communication for 25 years. Mr. Peirano has been in the Editorial Board of the magazine "QueHacer" for many years. He has also been writing and directing communication projects for radio, video, cinema and video. He is the author of several works on the reform of media, culture and problems related to education in Peru. In 1997, in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the foundation of PUCP, Mr. Peirano directed "Cristales Rotos" by Arthur Miller and the auto Ël Gran teatro del mundo"by Pedro Calderón de la Barca. In 2001, he directed "Galileo Galilei" by Bertold Brecht.

Lowell Fiet (born in 1948) received his M.A, (1971) and his Doctorate in Languages (Ph.D., 1973) from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Since then, he has been studying theatre, the Hispanic Caribbean culture as well as the literature, language and culture of the English- and French-speaking regions in the Caribbean. Between 1992 and 1994, his student theater group, Taller de Imágenes, toured around the Latino communities of New York through the exchange program CUNY-UPR and also in the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Besides his published works in magazines, he has edited various volumes of essays: West Indian Literature and Its Political Context (1988), re-Definiciones: Espacio - global/nacional/cultural/personal - Caribeño (Definitions: Space - global/national/cultural/personal - Caribbean) (1977), Hablar/nombrar/pertenecer: el juego entre el idioma y la identidad en las culturas caribeñas (Speaking/naming/belonging: the game between language and identity in the Caribbean cultures) (1998), Un convite de poetas e teatreros: Voz y performance en las culturas caribeñas (An invitation to poets and theater people: Voice and performance in the Caribbean cultures) (1999), Performance and text in Caribbean Literature and Art (2000) and (con)Fusion cultura?: Performance e performeros transcaribeños (con-Fusion culture?: Performance and trans-Caribbean performance artist) (2001) among others.

Vivian Martínez Tabares is a theater reviewer, researcher, editor and teacher. She is the author of Teatro por el Gran Octubre, José Sanchis Sinisterra: explorar las vías del texto dramático (José Sanchis Sinisterra: exploring the paths of the dramatic text) and Didascalias urgentes de una espectadora interesada. Several of her works have been part of anthologies about theater and she has been a collaborator for publications in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Cuba, Spain, E.U., France, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Sweden. She is an Associate Professor at the Instituto Superior de Arte and has lectured at universities in Latin America and Europe. She is a member of the Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (UENAC) and general secretary to the Centro Cubano de la Associación Internacional de Críticos de Teatro (AICT). She was awarded with a fellowship from "Programa Caribe 2000" from the Rockefeller Foundation at the Universidad de Puerto Rico (1996-97). She is chair of the magazine Conjunto and the Departamento de teatro de la Casa de las Américas, in Habana, Cuba.