Participant Performances

Participants' Performances at the Praça da Estação, Parque Municipal and other alternative spaces

Throughout the Encuentro, artist participants came together and performed individual and group pieces. These included, among others:

  • Amapola Prada, (Perú)
  • Reona Brass, "Dawn" (Canada) 
  • Anadel Lynton-Snyder, "Ciclos y los Otros" (Mexico)
  • Grupo Corpo de Letra, "Das raízes ao corpo: uma performance poética" (Brasil)
  • Ilona Dougherty and Teoma Naccarato, "Oongit" (Canada)
  • Colette Jacques (Canada)
  • Ángela Girón, “Letters from the State of Chihuahua” (USA)
  • Anne Baillargeon, "She just wants to be an Actress" (Canada)
  • Guy Sioui Durand, "La Cervelle Renversée" (Canada)
  • Eduardo Flores (México)
  • Capoeira, grupo do Mestre João Angoleiro (Brazil)
  • Paola Rettore (Brazil)
  • "Dança Afro-Brasileira" workshop showing, led by Marlene Silva

Additional Info

  • Date: Friday, March 18, 2005
  • Encuentro Location: Praça da Estação

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