Migration and Intangible Cultural Heritage

The group will discuss the recent invention of the term "intangible cultural heritage" to refer to what used to be called ethnographic descriptions, folklore and "traditions", but also to new phenomena thrown up by globalization such as reinventions of cultures like the Rastafarians and Cholos and cults like "Saint Jesus Valverde", saint of the drug traffickers. On the one hand, migrants take their intangible cultural heritage with them and do different things with it, which receiving communities also react to this new cultural influx. On the other, both migrants and residents, through their interactions, create new cultural artifacts, languages and performances. They all enact "freedom to create cultures".


Regina Mello, Megan Auster-Rosen, Ashley Smith, Roberto Gutierrez-Varea, Dale L Byam, Andrea Maciel Garcia, Renata Peters, Lourdes Arizpe, Rangihiroa Panoho.