Performance, Poetry and Activism: Cultural Agency

Coordinated by Alai Garcia Diniz

This Work Group intends to discuss the process with which a performance embodies poetry, re-invents images through the body knowingness and creates a dialogue between the imaginary and the memory throughout different spaces and temporalities.  The Group’s proposal is to study the ways to bring the collective memory, within a community, for discussion and re-create it in the literature of the body through singing, poetry or dance. Diachronically or synchronically, there is an immaterial knowledge that circulates in the place which offers itself as a transcultural mediation towards the global. Popular performances may embody intercultural knowledge.  Creating bridges between poetry, activism and performance involve empowerment, subjectivity (body) and art. This glance reveals a forgotten cultural aspect which, according to Daniel Matthews, was coined as “the sun city” when he studied the poetry among Afro-Peruvians. The sung city is not to be read as a sheer contrast to Angel Rama’s “lettered city,” but it hides behind the academic invisibility or in the crystallized exposure in the mass media. Will proposing a different path to the study of the oral aspect in Literature through performance mean figthting against the status quo of the show business or match memory, cultural activism, negotiation and resistence which are issues of a cultural agency?


Alai G. Diniz, Peter Novak, Aline Quites, Luizete Guimarïes Barros, Antonia Javiera Cabrera Muñoz, Janaína Chavier Silva, Jane Darc Da Silva, George Luiz France, Aline Razzera Maciel