Waving or Drowning 

The dancer’s movement is driven by her fixation on the mouth, a site of sexual desire, of communication, and a weathervane for emotion. A tube of lipstick is used as a point of obsession. The lipstick is a tool. It is a weapon. It is a mask. Choreographer and Interpreter: Kaitlin Clipsham / Music: Günter Müller and Otomo Yoshihide.


Kaitlin Clipsham is a choreographer and dancer form Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada. She is currently working with Naccarato Dance on film/dance projects, and also as an interpreter in the duet “Exit Logic”.

Kaitlin Clipsham: Waving or Drowning



Slogans (2007) – Funded by Prodanza 2006

Our points of departure are advertising iconography and the concept of slogans, and we create corrosive actions that subvert the axioms of these very languages. Structured in two parts, Slogans questions the tautological spirit of creation.


Mariana Bellotto is a choreographer and educator of contemporary dance. She has danced, performed her own work and led workshops in various festivals and theaters in Argentina and abroad.

Mariana Bellotto: Slogans

Huitlacoche is a swollen black fungus that grows on ears of corn. A culinary delicacy in Mexico, it is considered a pest in the United States. This will be a multi-media performance about revolutionary acts, faith and survival, food sovereignty and dangerous border crossings.

Navarrete X Kajiyama Dance Theater/ José Navarrete & Debby Kajiyama: The Revenge of Huitlacoche

This choreography project arises from the need to question the ways dance is learned: imitation, copy, innovation, reproduction, creation.

Nirvana Marinho: Body in Another Body



Caterpillar’s Skull

A performance-offering that connects, through movement improvisation, reflections about the acts of violence that interrupted the peaceful protests in Oaxaca, Mexico, in 2006. 


Nohemí Montzerrat Contreras is a dancer and choreographer born in Monterrey, Nuevo León (Mexico). She is currently completing her Master’s degree in Performance Studies at New York University and develops her own artistic and research projects in solo work and movement improvisation.


Nohemí Montzerrat Contreras: Caterpillar's Skull



Gust explores the embodiment and circulation of memory in an individual's physicality and psyche, based on personal, familial and cultural history. It is accompanied by original music by composer Cassey Norton.


Teoma Naccarato is a Montréal based dancer and choreographer with a passion for site-specific dance work and collaboration with artists from diverse media.

Teoma Naccarato: Gust




Chewing English / Mascando Inglés

Experimental dance choreography for five dancers that works with the body in the context of the Puerto Rico-U.S. migration and the linguistic displacement that this migration generates.


Viveca Vázquez is an artist and teaches contemporary dance and humanities at the Universidad de Puerto Rico. Since 1984 she has produced experimental dance events, both on the island and internationally, and has developed a pedagogy based on body conscience and improvisation. She founded Taller de Otra Cosa.

Viveca Vázquez: Chewing English (Mascando Inglés)