FOMMA: The Voice of FOMMA

The Voice of FOMMA 

The presentation—performed by Isabel Juárez Espinosa and Francisca Oseguera Cruz—will be a sampling of FOMMA’s theater work, and will include: 1. Space for Venting/Drunkards at a Bar. 2. Sebastiana Puts her Husband’s Boots on Him 3. Sebastiana Waits for the Doctor. 4. Drunken Doctor. 5. Francisca and Isabel speak about FOMMA. (Directed by Doris Difarnecio)


FOMMA is a Mexican organization in Chiapas whose mission is to empower Mayan women through bilingual literacy courses (in Tzotzil and Tzeltal), workshops in productive skills, health education, and theater.


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