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On the Embodied Performativity of Fear

On the Embodied Performativity of Fear

Prof Mirta Antonelli (Universidad de Córdoba)


This work group invites participants to exchange their perspectives and their work (aesthetic, social, political or academic) about fear as a performative field: its different degrees (fear, terror, panic), its fields of experience (traumatism, event, catastrophe, stigmatization, etc.), the different images of threats, collapses, etc. that de-structure the space-time and symbolic-imaginary coordinates and suppress or create practices, territories, identities and corporal languages, particularly in the framework of incipient or legitimized biopolitical processes, be it by way of naturalization, legalization or the construction of legitimizing consensus; or as resistance, dissidence, etc. toward them. In short, we invite contributions regarding what could be called the history of the relationships between body and power along the axis of fear, which is such a politically powerful affect.


Mirta Antonelli is Professor of Critical Discourse Studies in the Literature Department of the School of Philosophy and Humanities at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina.