Culture is agency; it enables creative responses to social constraints. When Humanists observe the creativity of artist/activists, of administrators, or teachers, we can investigate the effects and consider possible developments.

Cultural Agents

In situations of poverty and exclusion, groups and collectives that take a communitarian approach to artistic production can establish a new social paradigm that aims to produce a foreceful impact on social transformation.

Empowering the Social Body through Art

Given recent cases of supposed and actual election fraud in Mexico and the US, this work group would like to consider the performance of fraud in the public sphere as "body politics."

Fraud as Political Performance

Inspired by the recent marches conducted by Bolivian textile workers in Argentina denouncing flagrant human rights violations and abusive working conditions in sweatshops of the Argentinean capital, this workgroup address the performance of work as a fundamental characteristic not only of the experience of migration, but also of its body politics.

The Other Body: Migration, Work and the Performing Body

How do religious practices travel across borders? What happens when a figure of devotion such as the Virgin Mary in one of her many local manifestations replicates herself to accompany devotees from a location as they migrate transnationally?

Traveling Virgins/ Vírgenes Viajeras

The increasing circulation of the term "youth culture" (which, at least in USAmerica, encompasses an ever-widening age range) compels a re-examination of the ways the two terms interact: How does the category of "youth" intersect with changing notions of "culture"?

Youth, Culture, and the Body in Performance

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