Proposal: In this working group we will take a historical look at institutional bodies of the State and assess the ways in which they have utilized embodied practices (performance) and conditioned public spaces to realize policy and ideals of the nation.

Bodies Politics: Nationalism and Spaces of Performance

This work group explores different ways in which the “east” (near, middle, far), the “orient,” and/or Asia have been imagined in and through performance in Latin America.

Latin American "Orients": Arab, Asian, Pacific Latin Americas

Colonized, polluted and hybridized, inter-cultural, trans-border and oppositional, the mestizo body has been constantly transforming its performative repertoires across time and space, with different results in different contexts.

Mestizo/a Bodies: Hybridity in Performance

This work group will explore the relation between representation and the black diasporic, Latin American diasporic (including the Caribbean), multiracial and/or gendered body in the Americas, as well the significance of these bodies in the juncture between New and Old Worlds.

Racing/ Engendering Bodies

Contemporary discussions of “globalization” often suggest that the rapid flow of people, goods, information, and capital across borders is a new (post-World War II) phenomenon.

Transnational Theory and Method in Performance Studies

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