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Interview with Ebony Noelle Golden (2016)

Interview with Ebony Noelle Golden (2016) HIDVL
In an interview with Marlène Ramírez-Cancio, Hemi Artist in Residence Ebony Noelle Golden discusses her pursuit of art as a full-fledged career, and her disinterest in the cliché of the struggling artist. Introduced to the world of art and poetry by her mother, Golden committed herself to art as a child by studying dance almost everyday, and everywhere. She goes on to discuss her negotiation between the page and the stage, combining her degree-training as a poet with visual art in order to display the nuances of being a Black woman from a place of beauty and triumph. Golden describes her first life-changing experience as a producer, which came with a stage production of For Colored Girls.... She acknowledges the support she has been given throughout her journey and explains that her work has been about radically seeing each other: "And seeing is not about these two eyes, it's about an energetic connection, saying: we are kin." With the goal of using culture to effect change in community, Golden formed her own consultancy firm combining everything she's been taught throughout her career--ideation, impact assessment, and community building in the world of arts and culture. Her work aims for creative emancipation through performance and collective support. With the Betty's Daughter Arts Collaborative and Body Ecology Womanist Performance Project, Golden casts a wide net across the arts and culture community in order to form connections that empower storytellers from all backgrounds


Propelled by an unflinching pursuit of creative emancipation, cultural wellness, and social justice, Ebony Noelle Golden, native of Houston, Texas, and currently residing in the Bronx, serves as principal engagement strategist at Betty's Daughter Arts Collaborative and artistic director of Body Ecology Womanist Performance Project. As a strategist, Golden consults, co-creates, designs, implements, and evaluates impact-driven projects and initiatives that push for social transformation. As an artist-scholar, Golden stages site-specific rituals + live art productions that profoundly explore the complexities of freedom in the time of now. In 2016, she developed a seminar course, served as a lecturer of Womanist and Black Feminist performance art at The New School, and co-edited an anthology of experimental womanist writing published by Obsidian Journal of Literature and Arts. In 2017, Golden served as Artist-in-Residence at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics and Activist-in-Residence at the University of Oklahoma. During this time, Golden will develop 125th and Freedom, a performance art installation of ten choreo-poetic rituals along 125th street between the Hudson and Harlem Rivers exploring home, migration, displacement, and the eradication of Black space due to gentrification.


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  • TItle: Ebony Noelle Golden
  • Date: December 12, 2016
  • Location: (Hemi Office) New York, New York
  • Interviewee: Ebony Noelle Golden
  • Interviewer: Marlène Ramírez-Cancio
  • Duration: 0:59:30
  • Language: English