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Interview with Frantz Jerome (2016)

Interview with Frantz Jerome (2016) HIDVL
“Art supersedes logic.” Speaking a month after the 2016 election with Marlène Ramírez-Cancio, Frantz Jerome discusses his first forays into performance (The Point with UNIVERSES, Project 2050 with New WORLD Theater); his time at Hemi; his pedagogical use of comic books and social justice at Brotherhood SisterSol; his work with the Peace Poets and 2050 Legacy; the disconnect between policy and culture; the rigidity of traditional forms of education; and the importance of community, collaboration, art, and activism, especially now. While Frantz' work is geared towards themes of peace, he acknowledges that peace is not the opposite of conflict and requires a certain kind of fight.


Frantz Jerome is an interdisciplinary performing artist and critical media analyst from The Bronx, NYC. His work explores the complexity of Blackness and resistance in the United States as a member of the social justice/hip-hop theatre ensemble 2050 Legacy, co-founder of artivist collective The Peace Poets, and contributor for Frantz also holds a B.A. in Writing & Democracy and Media Studies from The New School University, and was a fellow of the Hemispheric Institute's EMERGENCY program in its inaugural year.


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Additional Info

  • TItle: Frantz Jerome Interview
  • Date: December 12, 2016
  • Location: (Hemi Office) New York, New York
  • Interviewee: Frantz Jerome
  • Interviewer: Marlène Ramírez-Cancio
  • Duration: 1:23:42
  • Language: English