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Interview with Kirya Traber (2016)

Interview with Kirya Traber (2016) HIDVL
"Language is my medicine." Kirya Traber discusses her journey from poetry and spoken word to performance art and theater in a conversation with Marlène Ramírez-Cancio. As an artist, Traber has utilized the power of words to articulated her sense of self. She explains her accidental arrival in the world of performance art--a detour in her transition to theater. As an educator, Kirya utilized her skillset as an artist and her experience in administrative work for social change as a cultural organizer, working with local organizations and leading inclusive arts programs. From women's shelters to youth programs, Traber has navigated ideological shifts in New York communities during the Trump era, assuming the role of citizen-artist.


"Kirya Traber is an actress, playwright, and cultural worker. She is currently an Artist in Residence at Lincoln Center Education, and is on faculty at the School of Drama at the New School. Kirya received her MFA in Acting from the School of Drama, is the recipient of the California Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts, Robert Redford's Sundance foundation award for Activism in the Arts, an Astrea Lesbian Writers Fund award for Poetry, and is a former judge for the LAMBDA Literary Awards in LGBT Drama.


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  • TItle: Interview with Kirya Traber
  • Date: December 7, 2016
  • Location: (Hemi Office) New York, New York
  • Interviewee: Kirya Traber
  • Interviewer: Marlène Ramírez-Cancio
  • Duration: 1:11:06
  • Language: English