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Interview with Dragonfly (Robin LaVerne Wilson) (2022)

Interview with Dragonfly (Robin LaVerne Wilson) (2022) HIDVL
Robin LaVerne Wilson (stagename DRAGONFLY) discusses her upbringing and the influences on her performance art in an interview with Marcial Godoy. Her stage name derives from her online high school pin-name Diva Dragonfly and her fascination with the prehistoric aura of the dragonfly. Her interests in the narration of history and present day monuments of historic figures drew Wilson to street performance in order to honor little known heroes like Ona Judge. Through her work, Wilson takes on the contradictions in American society as she argues that the past injustices which led freedom seekers to fugitivity are no different from the bondage of capitalism today. Her street performance art combines sonic scores, play with time, and the creative use of space to highlight displacement of minority communities and to reimagine historical monumentalizations. She also discusses the concept of Black Queer Madness as hyper-sanity.


Robin LaVerne Wilson (she/they) was born in Detroit, Michigan; raised in San Antonio, Texas; and has been a resident of the NYC Metro since 2003. She descends from enslaved Africans who rooted themselves in Alabama and Georgia after the end of the first American Civil War. She is the Gen X daughter of a career US Army combat medic (Korea and Viet Nam), and a military wife/homemaker/non-domestic cleaner. The unresolved intergenerational traumas of race, class, gender, and sexuality inform her work as a conceptual, multidisciplinary artist


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Additional Info

  • Date: April 7, 2022
  • Location: (Hemi Office) New York, New York
  • Interviewee: Dragonfly (Robin LaVerne Wilson)
  • Interviewer: Marcial Godoy-Anativia
  • Duration: 0:46:01
  • Language: English