I've Already Become an Image

I've Already Become an Image

Zezinho Yube (Hunikui)

Produced by Vídeo en las Aldeas

By revealing the shared experiences of members of the Hunikui community, this film explores their history of loss and renewal, from their first encounters with the white man and the ensuing years of slavery on rubber plantations, to the recovery of their lands and cultural traditions.


Zezinho Yube is from the Mucuripe village on the Tarauacá River, in the Praia do Carapanã indigenous territory in the state of Acre, Brazil. He is an environmental agriculture agent and the coordinator of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture's Point of Culture program at Vídeo nas Aldeias. He has taken part in several Vídeo nas Aldeias workshops and one by Revelando os Brasis, where he made his first two films: Xina Bena/New Era and Manã Bai/My Father´s Story. He is currently developing a film about his father's research on Hunikui drawings.

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