Tercer Impacto: Hispanacea

Tercer Impacto: Hispanacea photo/foto: Fulana

Tercer Impacto: Hispanacea

Director: Fulana

Immigrant Latina women —who have had little or no access to education or health care— are living longer than anyone else in the United States. The New York Times has called this phenomenon "The Hispanic Paradox." What if Latinas' longevity could be extracted from their bodies and marketed as a health supplement to the public at large? Find out on the hard-hitting news show, TERCER IMPACTO, as Barbi Bermúdez and Fabi Fernández report on the new craze in energy supplements, HISPANACEA: Your Fountain of Youth. Feel the force that is sweeping the nation!


Fulana is a video and performance collective created in 2000 by four Latinas in New York City (Cristina Ibarra, Marlène Ramírez-Cancio, Lisandra Ramos-Grullón & Andrea Thome). Using parody and satire, their work delves into topics affecting the Latino communities in the U.S., and responds to the ways products and ideas are marketed and sold to us through the mass media.

Additional Info

  • Country of origin: United States
  • Running Time: 5 minutes
  • Release Date: 2009

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