How to Avoid the Taste of Poverty?

How to Avoid the Taste of Poverty? photo/foto: Coco Rico TV

How to Avoid the Taste of Poverty?

Director: Coco Rico

Through revolutionary recipes that encourage cannibalism and decimation of the upper class strata, the artist problematizes the class divisions that allow one segment of the population to starve, while enabling another segment to indulge. Here, the “gourmet” emerges as an experimental category, where culinary secrets hope to transform not only the palette of taste, but also the very infrastructure of our society.


Originally invoked through T.S. Eliot’s poem “The Wasteland,” Coco Rico’s name is representative of the cry of the rooster and its call for awakening. Coco Rico’s aim as an artist is to expose systemic injustices and to break the constricting rules of propriety through a summoning of the carnivalesque within public spaces.

Additional Info

  • Country of origin: Chile
  • Running Time: 15 minutes
  • Release Date: 2008

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