Moravia and the Sea

Moravia and the Sea

Diego García Moreno

After years of absence, in 1983, I returned to Medellín only to find hopelessness and despair. I produced the film "Balada del mar no visto" which recounts the adventures of a man who searches for the horizon and drowns. In March of 2009, I returned with this same actor to the neighborhood of Moravia, where the odyssey ended and where we were astonished to find ourselves at a very particular port.


Diego García Moreno is a Colombian documentary filmmaker. He graduated from L'École Louis Loumière in Paris, France. Notable works showcased in international film festivals include: El Corazón, Las Castañuelas de Notre Dame, the trilogy Colombia Horizontal, Colombia con Sentido, and Colombia Elemental. Diego is the director of Lamaraca Producciones, and founding member of the Asociación de Documentalistas Colombianos (ALADOS).

Additional Info

  • Country of origin: Colombia
  • Running Time: 7 minutes
  • Release Date: 2009