Memories of Politics and Legacies of Citizenship

Memories of Politics and Legacies of Citizenship photo/foto: Julio Pantoja

Reflecting on the history and the memory of over two centuries of "independence" in the Americas and its colonial legacy, we ask: Can the rights to memory and to history as cultural demands ever be separate from the exercise of political rights? What is the shape of the struggles over the definition, transmission and control of the past in the public sphere? In what ways do hegemonic mechanisms and institutions highlight, disseminate, and legitimize particular narratives and practices, while devaluing, restricting, or erasing others?

Mauricio Archila (Colombia), Marianne Hirsch (U.S.), Sandra Lorenzano (Mexico)
Moderator: Marta Zambrano (Colombia)


Mauricio Archila holds a PhD in History (CUNY- Stony Brook). Archila also received his BA in History and his MA in Economy and Human Resources from the Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá. Professor Archila has taught in the History department at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia since 1978.

Marianne Hirsch is Professor of English and Comparative Literature and Director of the Institute for Research on Women and Gender at Columbia University. Her recent publications include Family Frames: Photography, Narrative, and Postmemory (1997), The Familial Gaze (ed.1999), Time and the Literary (co-ed.2002), a special issue of Signs on "Gender and Cultural Memory" (co-ed. 2002), and Teaching the Representation of the Holocaust (co-ed. 2004).

Sandra Lorenzano is a writer and literary critic, "Argen-Mex" by right and choice. She holds a PhD in Literature and is currently a professor at the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras (UNAM). Lorenzano is also the Academic Vice-Chancellor at the Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana.

Marta Zambrano holds a PhD in Anthropology (University of Illinois) and is Associate Professor in the Anthropology department, program coordinator and co-founder of the Master´s program in Cultural Studies, and professor in the Gender Studies program at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She has published Trabajadores, villanos y amantes: encuentros entre indígenas y españoles en la ciudad letrada. Santa Fe de Bogotá 1550-1650 (Icanh, 2008) and several articles on gender, multiculturalism and ethnicity. She co-edited Memorias hegemónicas, memorias disidentes: El pasado como política de la historia (Icanh, 2000) and is currently working on a volume on colonial and contemporary mestizaje in Latin America.

Additional Info

  • Encuentro Location (Bogotá) : Auditorio Virginia Gutiérrez, Edificio Posgrados Ciencias Humanas, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Date: 22 of August, 2009

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