Struggles over Citizenship

Struggles over Citizenship photo/foto: Paula Kupfer

The "normalization" of cultural practices in accordance with ideological interests presumes that culture can exist in homogenous and static forms. In such contexts, citizenship is defined in the degree to which subjects are able to obtain "equaility in difference," recognition, or identity-based "empowerment." What strategies have individuals, groups, and communities deployed to make themselves visible as citizens or, to the contrary, to make themselves invisible as a form of cultural resistance? How may these discursive and performative processes categorized and understood? How do practices, repeated upon bodies, turn these very bodies into territories of contestation and risk?

Peter Kulchyski (Canada),  Jasbir Puar (U.S.), Renato Rosaldo (U.S.)
Moderator: Jill Lane (U.S.)


Peter Kulchyski grew up in Northern Manitoba. He has a Ph.D. from York University and is one of the senior Canadian scholars in Native Studies. He is the head of the Department of Native Studies at the University of Manitoba.

Jasbir Puar is Associate Professor of Women's & Gender Studies at Rutgers University. Her research interests include gender, sexuality, globalization; postcolonial and diaspora studies; South Asian cultural studies; and theories of assemblage and affect.

Renato Rosaldo teaches Anthropology at New York University. He received his BA and PhD at Harvard University. He was President of the American Ethnological Society, inaugural Director of Latino Studies at NYU, and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Jill Lane is Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese at New York University, where she teaches courses on performance in the Americas, in relation to the histories of colonialism, neocolonialism, and globalization. Her book, Blackface Cuba, 1840-1898 (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2005) examines racial impersonation, national desire, and anticolonial sentiment in Cuba. She is presently editing an anthology on Latin American performance with Routledge, and is co-editor with Peggy Phelan of The Ends of Performance (New York University Press, 1998). She is also Deputy Director of the Hemispheric Institute.

Additional Info

  • Encuentro Location (Bogotá) : Auditorio Virginia Gutiérrez, Edificio Posgrados Ciencias Humanas, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Date: 23 of August, 2009

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