Urban Interventions

Urban Intervention Round Table Urban Intervention Round Table photo/foto: Paula Kupfer

This panel explores the possibilities for social and political intervention through performance in urban contexts. How can performance activate new or alternative social relations in and with the urban landscape? How does performance in urban public spaces alter ideas of the public and the public sphere? The speakers share examples from their own work and invite reflection on urban space and performance.

Patricia Ariza (Colombia), Pedro Bennaton [ERRO Grupo] (Brazil), Eleonora Fabião (Brazil), Álvaro Villalobos (Colombia/Mexico)
Moderator: Adriana Mejía (Colombia)


Patricia Ariza is a Colombian playwright, director and actress. Forty years ago she founded “Teatro La Candelaria” with Santiago García. She is currently the director of “Corporación La Candelaria” in Bogotá.

Pedro Bennaton is the Director of ERRO Grupo and currently an adjunct professor at UDESC (Santa Catarina, Brazil), where he received his BA and MA in theater. His thesis, entitled Dislocation and Invasion: Strategies for the Construction of Urban Interventions, explores strategic and practical procedures specific to urban interventions, street theater and political performances.

Eleanora Fabião is a performance artist and theorist. She is Associate Professor in Theater Directing at the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, School of Communication. She holds a Ph.D. in Performance Studies from New York University and a MA. in Social History of Culture from PUC-Rio (sponsored by CAPES).

Álvaro Villalobos is a Colombian artist living in Mexico. He received his Masters degree in Visual Arts and his PhD in Latin American Studies from UNAM. He graduated from the School of Arts at ASAB in Bogotá.  His work consists primarily of performances, photographs, videos and installations that link social and political issues to the work of art.  Currently he is a professor at the Acatlán School of Superior Studies at the UNAM and he is the Coordinator of the Research and Post-graduate work at the School of Arts at UAEM.

Adriana Mejía Flórez has been involved in Colombia's theater scene in various capacities. She worked at the IDCT as project consultant for Arts and Culture projects. In 2007, she was part of the advisory committee for the Culture Secretariat's cultural rights initiative. She directed the "Women without Expiration Date, 2007 Calendar" project.

Additional Info

  • Encuentro Location (Bogotá) : Auditorio Virginia Gutiérrez, Edificio Posgrados Ciencias Humanas, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Date: 29 of August, 2009

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