Kira Neel

Kira Neel photo/foto: Cristhian Ávila

Pachamama Yoga for Beginners

An interactive yoga retreat opening session for those who come from far away to connect their inner gringuito selves to the greater Pachamama and to be confronted with a different vibration.


Kira Neel is a New York City based performer, educator, and radio journalist. She is a recipient of the EMERGENYC 2010 Fellowship for emerging performers and activists. As a trained Theater of the Oppressed facilitator, she leads workshops around the world at schools, with community organizations and for theater groups. She is fluent in Spanish and English, and speaks French.


Video edited by Victor Bautista

Additional Info

  • Encuentro location (Bogotá): Mapa Teatro
  • Date: August 27, 2009
  • Country: United States

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