Visual Arts Clinic

Convener: Jorge Hernández Esguep

This work group aims to reflect on, share works, and discuss strategies in and around the field of the visual arts (photography, painting, video, installation, sculpture, new media, net art, etc.). The group intends to tackle questions regarding the creation, research and dissemination of visual arts works and their immediate relation with the subject, both in the public and private space. Each participant of the clinic will be asked make a presentation that includes some background on the state of affairs of the visual arts in his/her country of origin or residence. We will also analyze the crossings and movements of artwork and across social, political, and cultural space and develop interpretive tools pertaining to cultural production (Art, Action, Performance). The groups seeks to develop a critical reflection by the artists, creators or cultural agents on the processes of creating a visual work, while developing interpretations on the contemporary subject and her relation to the workings of the urban fabric. The aforementioned objectives aim to develop theoretical tools for the conceptualization of visual phenomena as a corpus of critical reflection. Finally, participants of this work group will create an art work, a performance, or an art action, individually or collectively, that will be held within the public space with the objective of producing a dialogue between creators and citizens.


Group participants will make a presentation on the creative process behind the work they are presenting with the objective of developing a description of the piece (social, political, and cultural contexts). Through these presentations we intend to establish the parameters for critical readings that function as a transversal element in order to enable allow alternative points of view, while contributing with an integral view of the artwork under study. The participants in the group will be asked to contextualize not only the content of their artwork, but also present a reading on a textual level. We encourage participants to use audiovisual materials in their presentations. Participants should be familiar with technical concepts in the field of the visual arts, since these will provide a common ground for the discussion.

Applications to participate in this visual arts group must include a brief curriculum, visual documentation of the work to be shared, and an abstract (200 words) presenting the work in question. The group will be limited to 24 participants.


Jorge Hernández Esguep is Director of the School of Visual Arts at the Universidad Austral de Chile.


Álvaro Villalobos
Catalina Cortés Severino
Gabriela Agüero
Jorge Hernández Esguep
Maicyra Leão 
Maíra Vaz Valente
Manuel Chacón