Performances in Transit

A new performance series for the 2013 Encuentro, Em Trânsito (Performances in Transit) took place as we moved through São Paulo on the routes between the three main Encuentro venues—at entrances and exits, on streets and corners, in the stations and train cars the metro system. Works took many forms—brief, stationary performances, tours, invisible and micro interventions, temporary installations, ephemeral actions, instruction pieces for participants, and mappings, among others.

Recycling is great step forward but can we allow it to become redemption for our consumptive lifestyles?

Hannah Gardiner & Alejandro Chellet: A Natural Cycle?

Carrying a typical shoe-shining-box used by 'lustrabotas" -children that work shining shoes in many urban centers in Latin America- I "clean" the shoes of strangers inside SESC -Vila Mariana.

Hector Canonge: LUSTrapies

Nadia Granados, La Fulminante, is a Colombian artist interested in the arts of space, movement, and the body such as video, pornography, magic, installation, and performance.

Nadia Granados/La Fulminante

Polina Porras Sivolobova is a multi disciplinary artist, working mainly with book arts, video, drawing, and performance art.

Polina Porras: Canciones Minimas Mexicanas

Action: movements, images and actions will be created during the train ride, based on the routine of the commuters and the lives and spaces that are being shared inside that train.

Raquel Mavecq & Patrícia Faolli