Round Tables

Round table discussions allow scholars, artists and activists to engage in diverse discussions with each other and with the Encuentro participants.

Jacques Servin: New Frontiers in Humor and Revolution
Jade Percassi:
Culture and Communication in the Struggle for a New Society
Juan Marco Vaggione:
Sexuality and the Law in Argentina: Challenges and Steps Forward
Julieta Paredes:
The Red of Wellbeing, Suma Qhamaña
Víctor Hugo Robles:
Free Sex Education!

In the Streets: Contemporary Social Movements in the Americas Round Table

A space for open discussion among Encuentro participants. The Long Table format originally created by Lois Weaver and is designed to create space for open discussion among Encuentro participants.

Long Table: Performance, Passions and Political Action

Gonzalo Rabanal (Chile) studied Audio Visual Communication at the ARCOS Institute, where he began to develop a way of working that projects from individual to collective, opening up space for an expressive multiplicity. María José Contreras Lorenzini (Chile) is performer and Doctor of Body Language and Psychology.

Performance Art Roundtable

Christine Greiner: Performance Practice as Cognitive Action
Jack Halberstam: Performing Anarchy
Leda Martins: What if...?
Susan Leigh Foster: Performing Authenticity and the Labor of Dance

Performing New Knowledges

Álvaro Villalobos (Colombia/México) holds a Master of Visual Arts from the Universidad Autónoma (México) and from the Facultad de Artes ASAB (Bogotá). Bel Borba (Brazil), known as “The People’s Picasso,” has spread his artwork throughout the 500-year-old urban landscape for thirty-five years.

Urban Interventions Round Table