fp_teachin_performanceindigeneity_enc13_0003_570pxPhoto/Foto: Fran Pollitt

Teach-ins are one-time, 3-hour lecture and discussion sessions led by prominent scholars and cultural creators on diverse topics related to the Encuentro theme.

This teach-in brings together participants from a multi-year initiative on Religion and Politics in the Americas to examine the ways in which “religion” has become a key node in interactions between bodies, populations, and neoliberal governance throughout the Americas.

Bodies Politic: Between Religion and the Secular State

This teach-in will focus on constellations of the commons, counter-publics, infrastructures, shelters, urban “renewal,” and waste across a wide range of urban and cultural spaces. Please bring something of interest (soundscapes, photos, art pieces, or your own thoughts and ideas) to share.


This teach-in will examine the intersections of humanities scholarship and art practice at the frontiers of the digital, touching upon new publication platforms, archival projects, and visual/performance practices.

Digital Arts and Humanities

What unique considerations do artists and humanists bring to discussions of climate change? What factors makes for an environmentally-sound creative practice?

Environmental Art

Work and play, revelry and sobriety, seriousness and frivolity — these are seen as oppositional and contrary.

Festivals and Carnival

An in-depth discussion on indigenous performance, with a focus on artists and activists from Mexico, Canada, Brazil, and Bolivia.

Performance and Indigeneity

This teach-in will focus on the experience of sound as a fundamental component in the performance of social, cultural and political subjectivities and objectivities of the urban sector, approaching the subject of the city from a pluralistic perspective.

Sonic Urbanities

This teach-in will expose participants to the discourse of Performance Studies. We will discuss major topics in the field with José Esteban Muñoz.

What is Performance Studies