The Trasnocheo series offers a late night performance venue for emerging and established artists to present short works or works in progress.  The cabaret style creates a more relaxed atmosphere that encourages participation and experimentation.

The 2013 Trasnocheo took place at SP Escola de Teatro in the center of São Paulo and was curated by Susana Cook, New York-based, Argentine performance artist.

The end of the world is represented as a terrifying prospect, in which the inevitability of destruction outweighs the inevitably of rebirth. This work-in-progress addresses the importance of creating the future we want to see. Ensemble members Frantz Jerome and Aisha Jordan perform a section on police brutality and the society that breeds it.

2050 Legacy

An exploration of mixed race identity through spoken word, video, and interviews. Both humorous and profound, this work-in-progress engages with issues of color, ethniticy, ancestry, and belonging.

Anoushka Ratnarajah

What is it to be “American” when you only know one America? What is it to try and reckon with privilege when you are grown up to take for granted all that you have? And como can una gringa qui knows que everything is muy malo try to make el mundo a better place?

Ariel Speedwagon

Arthur Aviles was born in Queens and grew up in Long Island and the Bronx. received a B/A in Theatre/Dance from BARD college. He was a member of Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company from '87 to '95 and received a New York Dance and performance award (Bessie) in 1989.

Arthur Aviles: Algo en la cocina

Come explore the “Migratory Museum,” an ongoing interactive performance installation. Visit its Hall of Missing Objects, participate in the Truth Experiment by testifying to an archaic detective device, and experience New Pre-Columbian divination techniques.

Beatrice Glow

A new ephemeral artwork is created each day in different locations around the city of São Paulo over the course of the Encuentro, using only recycled and found materials from the city’s streets.

Bel Borba, Burt Sun, André Costantini & Guil Macedo

This is a performance project devoted to exploring the metaphor of the butterfly (particularly the monarch) as not only a symbol for undocumented Latina/o migration, but also for queer bodies, as in mariposas. Employing body stamping, rebel movement, action art, video, sound, and object installation, I move in and through this metaphor from a trans space: transgender, transspiritual, transnational, among others. 

Brittany Chávez

This is the way my country looks from the outside. Now I want you to see it from the inside. Because this is how you will really get to know, who we are, how we act, and what we dream. Because if there is something we Colombians actually are, it’s dreamers.

Carlos Monroy & Benjamin Lundberg

Performance art cabaret demands that longer work with larger casts and sets is translated to a solo performed with some improvisation—here, a retelling of Memorias de la Revolucion with Sor Juana poems and a German/English/Spanish song medley.

Carmelita Tropicana

The 8th Encuentro of the Hemispheric Institute sought to examine the broad intersections between urban space, performance and political/artistic action in the Americas.

Charles Rice González: Chulito

A darling of the Montréal cult cabaret scene, Gigi L’Amour descends upon Trasnocheo to pump up the party with this recounting of the infamous 'Lollipop Experiment'.

Cirque Chétif - Gigi L'Amour & Pipi Douleur, Guizo La Nuit: Mila Baci & Lollipop

This work is focused on the DJ booth as performance space—this figure in charge of “directing” the party, in an environmental, spiritual, mental, and interactive sense. This piece is centered around party as performance and the search for other forms, through the ritualistic communion implicit in the idea of partying.

Claudia Algara

Dan Fishback will sing songs from his past decade in the NYC antifolk and queer performance art scenes, including songs from his musical “The Material World” which Time Out NY called “the best downtown musical in years.”

Dan Fishback: On a Queer Day You Can See Forever

Frantz is a lyricist and poet with extensive experience in arts education and workshop and program development. He served as head counselor for Project 2050's Summer Retreats. He has been working with youth for over ten years and practicing his art as an MC and poet with The Peace Poets. Frantz studies writing at The New School University in New York City.

Frantz Jerome & Tommy Shepherd

An avant-garde meditation on coercion and consent inspired by Gédé – the Haitian Vodou spirit of life and death - that weaves moments in Haiti’s geopolitical history with responses to my retelling of that history.

Gina Athena Ulysse: Voodoo doll, or What if Haiti were a woman

Inspired by the old Latin American ballad, “Bésame Mucho,” interdisciplinary artist, Hector Canonge creates an intimate Queer orgiastic experience with the participation of the audience as they are invited to submit themselves to his passionate whispers, longing kisses, and his gender-bending demonstrations of affection.

Hector Canonge

Forsenga is an interdisciplinary performance art installation, responding to multidisciplinary artist Senga Nengudi’s sculptural works often referred to as the R.S.V.P. ‘hosiery series’. Like Nengudi’s practice - which comments on the female body through common household materials - Forsenga explores the erasure of the female form and aspirations of images of perfection never reached.

Katrina de Wees

Auto-ethnography that maps the artist’s/woman’s/political body’s general difficulties swallowing all things hypocrisy and manipulation in our movements. Through her incredible love affair with activism comes the artist’s wild fancies of collective possibilities mixed with penultimate violence.

Koby Rogers Hall

Live performance in which economic data from our everyday lives and ongoing global crisis are converted into absurd neoDadaist music. Economusic is a darkly playful and highly audience-participatory event that takes note of, and makes notes from, falling wages, rising sea levels, and other indicators of our suffering and success.

L.M. Bogad: Economusic: Economusic

This performance is an interactive piece that consists of multiple calls and responses and the creation of linguistic soundscapes.

Lily Mengesha

Guru Lectures is a series of performances that began in 2010 in ENAP (Anthropology and Performance Encounter) held at USP, São Paulo. Based on an autobiographical, self-ironic sequence, unusual relationships are woven, crossing the territory of total miscommunication.

Lúcio Agra

Imagine a sensible man. A romantic. Mature. Single. Owns a house. Looking for the ideal place to be happy with someone at his side. He is everything that you never imagined and more.

Magno Assis

Sujeto Transnacional (Transnational Subject) is a 20-minute performance-lecture that creates a hybrid between experience, self-reflection, and theorization of the ways in which transnational subjects negotiate the complex world we live in.

Marcela Fuentes

A poetic exploration of the apocalyptic imaginary, using time and space travel, travel across dimensions and realities as a slipstream lens into the ways that queer and trans people of color, latinxs and pochxs are already creating new realities. Words and movement by Micha Cárdenas and sound by Bobby Bray.

Micha Cárdenas & Bobby Bray

Nadia Granados performs live re-creations of audiovisual materials, playing with obscene language, sexual material, and emancipatory content.

Nadia Granados/La Fulminante: Encuentro Trasnocheo

Jerusalem In My Heart spins an overdose of cultural elements that put listeners in trances, fusing psychedelic elements of Arab culture with modern electronic sounds and images.

Radwan Moumneh

A performance that intensifies mass cultural discourses to the point of parodying the imaginaries that homogenize our sociocultural realm. Specifically, two typical Brazilian characters: Alzira, the carnavalesque “temptress,” and the soccer player idolized by all poor neighborhood kids.

Roberson Nunes & Marcos Alexandre

Urayoán Noel is a New York-based Puerto Rican poet, performer, and critic who teaches at the University at Albany, SUNY. His recent works include the book of poetry and multilingual performance texts Hi-Density Politics (2010) and the multimedia project The Edgemere Letters, an ongoing collaboration with the artist Martha Clippinger.

Tomás Urayoan Noel

Víctor Hugo Robles is a journalist, homosexual activist, street performer and apostate known as “El Che de los Gays.” His work is featured in the documentary “El Che de los Gays,” which won the Audience Prize at the 2005 Bilbao International Gay/ Lesbian/Trans Film Festival. In 2010, he began a campaign for “apostasy” by publicly renouncing his Catholic baptism and becoming the first judicially recognized apostate in Chilean history.

Victor Hugo Robles