Anadel Lynton: To Live and to Die

Anadel Lynton: To Live and to Die Lorie Novak

To Live and to Die

The central questions of this action are related to responsibility and the death or contamination of trees, water, air, earth, etc. the questions are written on little strips of paper. The people can take one or many, or not, they can read them or not, return them to the basket or not, associate them with an old and strange woman who is trying to balance branches, or not.


Anadel Lynton is co-founder and head researcher at the centro nacional de investigación, Documentación e información de la Danza “josé limón” at the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes. She teaches courses on community Dance, Movement/expression/communication and Movement choirs for indigenous, feminist, community and cultural organizations. she is pursuing a doctorate at Temple University in Philadelphia.


Edited by Victor Bautista

Additional Info

  • Encuentro Location (São Paulo): Sesc Vila Mariana - Sala Corpo e Artes
  • Date: January 18, 2013
  • Country: Mexico

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