Magno Assis: Reivax X. in: Passage

Magno Assis: Reivax X. in: Passage Fran Pollitt

Reivax X. in: Passage

A city crowded with people, vehicles, plazas, buildings; an ordinary citizen, a bicycle, a small boat and a briefcase: indispensable prostheses for this individual who inhabits this metropolis. A journey that brings to light shocking element of the illogical, with the goal of intervening and directly reproducing the madness and lack of solutions in which man and society find themselves.


Magno Assis is a performance artist and interventionist, trained in performing arts with a concentration in Management of Public Policy and Culture at the Universidade de Brasília, where he is a cultural producer. He uses the language of comic performance—from irony to satire and the grotesque.


Edited by Victor Bautista

Additional Info

  • Encuentro Location (São Paulo): Praça Roosevelt and other city streets
  • Date: January 18, 2013
  • Country: Brazil

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