New Platforms for Digital Publication

New Platforms for Digital Publication Fran Pollitt

Alexei Taylor & Marcos Steuernagel

This workshop will look at the current opportunities and challenges in digital scholarly publishing from the experience of the born-digital books being developed by the Hemispheric Institute. We will offer an in-depth look at Scalar, the digital books platform used by Hemi, and will explore the unique tools it has to offer.


Alexei Taylor is a web designer and developer working with scholars, academics, artists and activists to create born-digital, multimedia books using the Scalar publishing platform. Working in the digital humanities, Alexei bridges the divide between scholarly practice and web technologies, offering conceptual advice, design/user experience counseling and development workshops.

Marcos Steuernagel is a PhD candidate in the Department of Performance Studies at New York University, where he is writing his dissertation on ways in which political events are processed in and through the body in contemporary Brazilian theater and dance. Marcos works as project manager for the digital book series of the Hemispheric Institute.

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  • Encuentro Location (São Paulo): USP - Escola de Comunicações e Artes
  • Date: January 14, 2013, January 15, 2013, January 16, 2013, January 17, 2013, January 18, 2013

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